Once again proactive in Policy | Launch of the Pulse Policy Forum

Eighteen years from its foundation, Pulse remains loyal to the core belief that students should be the catalysts for change and progress in society. Throughout the years, Pulse has been at the forefront in pushing the boundaries in policy and working to advance radical social reforms.

For the past few months, Pulse has been working on a reform of its internal Social Policy Office structure, with the aim of expanding its' policy work and opening up to all those willing to voice their opinions and actively promote progressive change. Now, next Tuesday, Pulse shall be launching its first-ever Social Policy Forum: an innovative structure serving as a platform for students to express their views and contribute in the formulation of Pulse's policies.

Join us at 20:30 at the Faculty of ICT Auditorium and get to know our vision for how students can be proactive in policy once again.

Live Twitter Feeds from the event | engage in the discussion #pulsepolicyforum