The Pulse Study Sessions

Knock knock. Who's there? Yes, you guessed it. O'Levels are right at your doorstep. But worry not, our team has been working round the clock to provide you with the ideal study environment in order for you to gear up properly for what's to come! These study sessions will be starting on the 30th of March and will continue until the 10th of April unless more are requested.

Materials will be handed out during these sessions and we will make use of past-papers and short notes. Members will always be present for any assistance on any subject. So what are you waiting for? Register online to book a place in these Study sessions !


  • Monday 30th, March
  • Tuesday 31st, March
  • Wednesday 1st, April
  • Thursday 2nd, April
  • Friday 3rd, April
  • Monday 6th, April
  • Tuesday 7th, April
  • Wednesday 8th, April
  • Thursday 9th, April
  • Friday 10th, April

Morning (9-12)

  • Maltese
  • Public Holiday
  • Maths
  • Biology
  • Public Holiday
  • Chemistry
  • French / Spanish
  • Home Economics / Geography
  • Physics        
  • Accounts

Afternoon (13-16)

  • Business
  • Public Holiday
  • Economics / Env. Studies
  • Computer
  • Public Holiday
  • European Studies
  • German / Italian
  • Physical Education / English
  • Soc. Studies / Graphical Comms.
  • History / Religion