Representation | Junior College

G.F. Abela Junior College

Pulse is today inseparable from the typical Junior College experience. Throughout the years, the organisation has developed a bond with the institution, defining its development, expansion, and leaving a tangible difference in thousands of students’ academic experiences.

Pulse has been contesting the Junior College Council (KSJC) elections ever since its recognition as a student organisation in the College, having its candidates elected for six consecutive years between 2008 and 2012.

Listing the initiatives, projects, and work conducted by Pulse in KSJC is virtually impossible; a quick glance around the College will reveal that most of the services the students have grown to love and depend on for their academic experience were indeed the fruit of Pulse-led student councils – from the beloved Pjazza to a much-needed WIFI connection covering the College. However for the organisation, its mission never rested on any electoral outcome. Indeed, the organisation only strengthened its resolve to be a legitimate and strong student representative in the past two years, being the driving force behind the campaign to push for a reversal of the decision concerning the ‘Legal Studies’ subject, as well as several policy documents covering the public transport system, Vote16, and students’ wellbeing, among others. The future of Pulse depends on the members which mould its very existence. While remaining on a strong bedrock of values and principles, the organisation is committed to be the dynamic force of student activism at Junior College, pushing forward its one agenda of putting all students at the centre of a tireless work plan aiming to make everyone’s life and experience all that more easier and better.