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Pulse has been an active player in the field of student activism at the University of Malta for the past few years, not only by contesting the KSU elections, but also by taking on the role as an outspoken student representative when it comes to academic and policy-based issues.

Over the years in fact, Pulse has organised a number of debates and discussions, published several policy documents, and pushed forward important issues having impact on a wide audience of students. Chief amongst these was the ‘legal studies’ campaign, which was initiated by Pulse in collaboration with the GħSL – the Law Students’ Society, and which led to a reversal of the decision taken by the University Senate. Furthermore, Pulse has presented its proposals to all political parties prior to the 2013 general election, through a document and discussion both entitled ‘Manifestos under the Lens’.

Pulse has recently launched ‘Decriminalisation – The University Debate’, aimed at spurring discussion on the upcoming legislative reform to our drug laws among the University audience. The campaign aims at ensuring that students’ opinions reach the desks of our policymakers prior to them effecting radical changes to the current system dealing with the limitation of consumption of illicit drugs and substances.

It shall remain this organisation’s aim to be a vociferous student representative, providing a platform for all students to voice their concerns and opinions, as well as to ensure that they be considered as a major stakeholder and a force to be reckoned with in all policy issues concerning and affecting the quality of life and education of our upcoming generations.